"We make investing simple, easy and take immense care in helping our clients build wealth"

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

We offer passive exposure to cryptocurrency markets with higher potential returns and built-in risk mitigation strategies that historically outperform alternatives within traditional and decentralized finance. Our process is as follows:

1. Examine our website and associated content to decide if we are the right fit for you: We strive to work with great people. With Darkwood you are more than just a client, you are our partner, and we want our relationship to last for a long time.

2. Submit an inquiry through our contact form.

3. We reach out to you within a day and set up a call to discuss your investing needs, experience and time horizon.

4. If you are interested, you choose to invest your desired amount

5. You sign our client agreement and wire your investment.

6. We walk you through the process of setting up a MetaMask Wallet and connecting it with Darkchain, our private internal blockchain that hosts your unique NFT built on our proprietary DRC—888 protocol. See the portal here and our documentation here.

7. We provide you with your NFT, linked to a custom domain which you can use to view the aggregate portfolio value of your holdings. Here’s an exampleThis NFT represents your interest in our fund and underlying trading strategies. 

8. We reimburse any and all transaction fees you incurred in Ethereum, sent to the same MetaMask Wallet that your NFT will be tethered to along with an invoice for your record keeping purposes.


9. You reach out to us if you have any questions or need any added consulting services free of charge. We keep this general on purpose. You can ask us for help with any business or financial area and we can likely help.

10. We provide quarterly statements on our performance and will speak with you regarding your portfolio whenever you require assistance or information.

11. You contact us when you would like withdraw your holdings (after the two year lock-up period) and we liquidate our position. When this process is complete we wire your return to you.


12. Keep in touch. We want to hear from you and are always trying to find new and innovative ways to add more value to our clients and the crypto community as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding NFTs

What is an NFT?

An NFT is short for a Non-Fungible Token: A cryptocurrency based asset that cannot be duplicated or changed. This is unlike other cryptocurrencies as when an NFT is made, it is the only of its kind. With Bitcoin, any one Bitcoin is like any other, this is where the potential for growth comes in.

NFTs stand directly next to Bitcoin in being poised for explosive growth in a short time horizon. This is because Bitcoins primary value is coming not from its intended use as a decentralized currency, but as a speculative asset. Darkwood Capital is turning NFTs into a speculative asset.

How are they being used?

NFTs are currently being used by content creators to monetize their work, and for companies to sell a new kind of virtual merchandise to dedicated fans.

What is the history of NFTs? What are some major projects in the space right now?

In 2017, Larva Labs released CryptoPunks, a project that enabled the trading of unique cartoon characters on the Ethereum blockchain. Since then, numerous NFT projects have become popular and heavily invested in such as Crypto kitties, NBA Topshots and Decentraland.

What will NFTs be used for in the future?

NFTs will have immense technological applications in the future. Everything from legal and governmental procedures (such as tokenizing identification and legal documents) to gaming and the music industry will find valuable uses with NFTs.

Regarding Darkwood

How is an NFT an asset?

We made NFTs assets by tethering them to our underlying investing and trading activities. The NFT is a representation of the value of your holdings with us (which begins as your initial investment with us) and appreciates according to our performance. Rather than purchasing NFT art with the hopes that it may one day appreciate in value, we take a measured and systemic approach to ensuring returns on NFT investments

What is your Privacy Policy?

We are diligent in protecting and preserving the privacy of our clients. For this reason, we collect no cookies or analytics whatsoever and any data we have by virtue of our relationship with you is strictly confidential and stored in a maximum security data facility situated in the Arctic Circle.

Where are you located?

We are location agnostic. We have a global presence and will work to accommodate your needs regardless of where you are located.

How do you prevent money laundering, proliferation financing and other problematic behaviours in investing?

We work with Nect, a best in class financial crime and fraud detection firm based in Germany that provides scalable KYC/AML architecture to our business to ensure the safety and stability of our investing and management activities, and guarantee peace of mind in your relationship with us.

Regarding your Investment

What are the risks of NFT investing?

As investing in cryptocurrencies, DeFi and NFT projects is inherently riskier than traditional financial vehicles, there are numerous risks associated with investing in Darkwood Capital. Below are the three most notable, but this list is by no means exhaustive.

1) Performance: Our investment thesis contends that holding an NFT with us for a longer period of time will enable us to conduct expanded trading and investment activities that will add value to your portfolio over a long term hold. Like any other investment manager, hedge fund or asset allocation strategy, we cannot guaruntee returns and historical results are not indicative of future performance.

2) Liquidity: As we are a long term holding brokerage, there is liquidity risk in our ability to immediately provide your return upon request.

3) Regulatory: We have worked in depth with our legal counsel and compliance officers to navigate the nascent and complex landscape of regulatory scrutiny surrounding NFT investing. For the time being, we are eligible for Prospectus Exemptions under numerous licenses, and work closely to ensure that we are continuously remaining compliant. If however a significant change occurs that is prohibitive of us continuing our business, we will still honor all of our legal obligations to you.

What is your risk mitigation strategy?

We derisk our investment thesis by diversifying across 50 continuously evolving NFT and DeFi protocols that we add and remove at our discretion to ensure enough coverage to mitigate against any significant black swan losses associated with one or more project failures. For this reason, our trading strategies and historical performance has remained market agnostic, enabling us to generate alpha irrespective of greater economic or protocol conditions.

Can you guarantee my return?

No. And no financial institution can or should.

What about cybersecurity vulnerabilities? What happens if I lose the seed keys to my wallet or get hacked?

If anything happens, we give you a new NFT tethered to your investment amount free of charge and no questions asked. Furthermore, all of our trading activity is conducted through Darkchain, our permissioned internal blockchain that is hosted in two hyperconverged green data centres located in Patagonia and the Arctic Circle for maximum security and efficiency. We are also audited and advised by leading blockchain cybersecurity firm Certik.