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Welcome to the Woods

We are Darkwood Capital 

an open-ended, actively managed offshore long / short credit fund that focuses on event-driven and value-oriented investments in the TMT sector

Fund Snapshot

YTD Fixed Target (FT) Return: 17.6%

6-Month FT Return: 10.4%

QTD FT Return: 7.9%

Distributions: Monthly

Class I Inception: 4/19/2021



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Our Mandate

  • Utilizing an opportunistic mandate, the Fund aims to take advantage of both long and short catalyst-driven opportunities across market cycles

  • The Fund focuses on four core strategies: capital structure arbitrage, defensive credit, stressed and distressed credit / credit-linked equities, and when appropriate seeks significant short exposure via alpha-centric single name shorts


  • The Fund seeks to dynamically reposition its portfolio based on opportunity set and asset allocation. This process is driven by the search for what we believe to be the best risk / return with consideration to liquidity asset coverage, time to the event and internal rate of return expectation

  • The Fund is intended to help experienced institutional investors with general knowledge of financial markets diversify their portfolio and generate alpha compared to the Private Swiss High Yield Master II Index. The Fund further seeks to provide investors with a portfolio with low correlation to traditional asset classes

Low Fees 

2% base and 10% performance above high watermark, a 10% reduction in performance driven compensation compared to industry standards


Active risk mitigation through multi-strategy capital deployment hedged across multiple geographies 

Personalized Care

 We further offer bespoke advisory and private wealth services pertaining to a wider portfolio strategy

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