Welcome to the Woods

Sound familiar?

You are an investor. You have seen the options available to you to put your money in and hope to achieve enough of a return to grow your wealth with.  

Your investments are managed by massive corporations that you have no control over, and lose millions of dollars at the drop of a hat. 

Envision This...

What if you could own a piece of something new that grows in value, yet you do not have to trade, do anything to, or anything with, and earn a higher return on your investment than complex stocks, options and other financial instruments?

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Imagine taking part in a revolutionary technological change that is young, new, and holds tremendous potential for the future.
30 years from now, you will look back at the new Roaring 20’s, the one that you got to be a part of by being with us.
All of this, and you will be treated and cared for as if you were an investor with an account at a private bank. arkwood Capital Darkwood Capital 

And we offer NFTs, a digital asset that is the only of its kind, to be held for capital appreciation and growth by you, with the entire process being managed by us.

We are Darkwood Capital.

Low Management Fees 

2% management fees, no performance fees and all expenses associated with your investment are incurred by us.


Active risk mitigation through multi-strategy  trading in over 50 DeFi & NFT protocols across three risk-adjusted buckets of volatility. 

Committed to Giving Back 

We protect the real Darkwoods by donating 3% of our net profits to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to reforest and aid wildlife conservation in the area.

Darkwood Capital

Personalized Care

Whether you're a beginner or industry expert, our team meets you at your level. We also offer advisory services pertaining to the rest of your portfolio and any other management services that you may need, free of charge.

The Darkchain

We leverage our own maximum security private blockchain, which has eliminated all gas fees and energy consumption costs associated with cryptocurrency.

Darkwood Capital

With Darkwood, investing is an art and your wealth is our canvas

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